Módulo solar de filme fino ASP-S1-85W

Especificações do produto :

  • 【Application】Commercial
  • 【Specification】Normal
  • 【Brand Name】ADVSOLAR
  • 【Solar Power (W)】85W
  • 【Output Voltage (V)】95.5V
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Descrição do produto

Product Specification 

Standard Thin Film Solar Module (ASP-S1-85W) Module Dimension: L 1200*W600*D6.8mm Weight:11.8kgs Nominal Power(Pm): 85W Open Circuit Voltage(Voc):121.5V Short Circuit Current(Isc):1.02A Voltage at Max. Power(Vm):95.5V Current at Max. Power(Im):0.89A


 1,EXCELLENT POWER GENERATION PERFORMANCE ASP S1, S4 Series CdTe thin film solar modules have a high efficiency and a proven-excellent record on power generation performance. Comparing to crystalline silicon solar module, CdTe thin film solar module generates 5.4% more in average of electricity every year in Europe (PHOTO's 2nd Thin Film Conference)

 2,HIGH GONVERSION EFFICIENCY Cadmium Telluride is a semiconductor compound with a high absorption coefficient -100 times higher than silicon. The band gap width of cadmium telluride is more suitable for photovoltaic energy conversion than silicon. To absorb the same amount of light, the thickness of cadmium telluride film is only one hundredth than of silicon wafer. Today, the world record of cadmium telluride thin film conversion efficiency has reached 21% in the laboratory. And the CdTe thin film solar module with dimension of 1200mm*600mm produced by Advanced Solar Power (Hangzhou) Inc. reaches to 12% and above on conversion efficiency. The S1 and S4 series products have obtained TUV, UL and CQC certifications. 

3,LOW TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT The temperature coefficient of ASP CdTe thin film solar module is only about -0.21%/℃, as the traditional silicon solar module temperature coefficient reaches to -0.48%/℃. For most of high solar irradiance regions on earth, the temperature of solar module at working can reach to 50℃ or above. Thus this fact have greater impact to the convertions efficiency of crystalline silicon solar modules than to ASP's CdTe thin film modules in real-life power -generation. 

4,EXCELLENT LOW-IRRADIANCE EFFECT Cadmium telluride is a direct-band-gap material with high absorption for the full spectrum. Under low-light condition, in dawn, dusk of a day or in a diffuse lighting, the power generation performance of CdTe thin film solar module has been proven to be higher than that of crystalline silicon solar module which is made by an indirect band gap material. 

5,GOOD STABILITY No intrinsic light-induced degradation effects. 

6,LOW HOT SPOT EFFECT The elongated cells of CdTe thin film solar module help to reduce the hot spot effect of module, which leads to a great advantage of improving the power generation capacity, ensuring the safety in usage and product life. 

7,MINIMAL BREAKAGE RATE Contributed by a proprietary technology adapted in ASP's CdTe modules manufacturing process, ASP CdTe module has a minimal breakage rate. 

8,EXCELLENT APPEARANCE Cdte modules have uniformity color-pure black which provides an excellent appearance, fit best in buildings that have higher standards on appearance, unity and energy-independance.

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